CTO & Technical Consulting

Need someone to set up best practices or review your existing code? Trying to decide whether to switch from Shopify to your own custom App? Looking to understand the complexity behind an integration with your payment processor?

Whether you're just getting started, or have already begun: hire us as your interim CTO or technical advisor. You'll have our engineering experience at your disposal, knowing we know how to balance our in-depth technical chops with our pragmatic product & business acumen. We know that quality technology needs to be balanced with business goals to work well. Let us help you navigate those waters.

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Custom Software Development

We're a software studio at heart. We've built custom software for the web and mobile devices, and we bring best practices to everything we do. We can help you prototype a new product, add features to an existing code base, or come in and help you identify where your legacy code needs improvement.

We've built everything from single-page apps to Shopify websites to cloud infrastructures processing large volumes of data. We've written Linux kernel drivers and Android apps. We've built custom order processing systems and upgraded massive legacy Rails applications. Building and improving software is our bread and butter.

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Product Design

We're comfortable in Sketch, Balsamiq, and a number of UX and prototyping tools. And if that doesn't mean anything to you, let's put it a different way: we can create a product your customers will actually use. We research, we prototype, and we try to find the quickest path to a useful product.

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Maintenance & Iteration

Maintenance is important. Like any complex system or infrastructure, software requires continuous upkeep to continue running smoothly. At Gray Bike, we take that seriously. We relish in keeping a system running well and securely.

After your initial launch, bugs will be discovered, security patches need to be applied, and tweaks should be made to the overall experience of your users. We love working on stuff like this – let us take this off your plate. You can relax knowing we're monitoring, updating, and are on it.

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Data Visualization

We can take your data, your content, and your ideas and turn it into a visulaization or a visual essay. Whether it's an analytics dashboard, a real-time monitoring system, or a exploration of data – we've done it. We love working with interdisciplinary teams to help provide design, engineering, and data viz skills to bring an idea to life.

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We know ecommerce. We've built fully custom ecommerce stores from the ground up, or built on top of existing platforms (like Shopify). We've worked with subscription businesses, clothing brands, home goods stores, and personal health products. We've built integrations, connected with various fulfillment and billing systems, created detailed & sophisticated revenue reporting, and designed entire ecommerce infrastructures from the ground up.

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Our Stack

Here are some of tools we've been using to build products lately. This isn't an exhaustive list, and we're not technology zealots. Odds are we've got some experience with whatever you're working with.

Languages & Frameworks








React Native













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